Da Vents are a vast network of interconnecting ventilation systems that frequently serve as a lair for Edmund Dobbie.


Similarly to the Backrooms, Da Vents are an enormous labyrinthine network of connected passageways that are nearly impossible to navigate without Edmund Dobbie's expertise.

The width and height of each passageway are uniform throughout, measuring by 3½ by 3½ feet. These dimensions mean that any entity who wishes to traverse Da Vents must crawl on their hands and knees and cannot be more than 3½ feet wide in order to fit. As Edmund Dobbie is tall and limber, he is able to traverse Da Vents with ease.

Occasionally, a passageway will connect to a chamber. These chambers vary in size but are always large enough for a human adult to fit inside with room to spare. These chambers are completely featureless except for 1 or 2 metal benches on very rare occasions and, like the rest of Da Vents, are uniformly plated with stainless steel.


The entry point for Da Vents is located in Doshington, Colombia (which has also been observed to contain the expansive sewer system JuanMarioGamer spent his formative years in) as part of a model ventilation display for its International Spy Museum. They have not been confirmed to connect to any other building, although various business owners around Colombia have reported a ventilation system being closely adjacent to their own. It is theorized that Da Vents lead to a currently undiscovered high rise building known as the Dobbie Headquarters, which Edmund Dobbie occupies as a base of operations when he isn't on his escapades with Cryptids or the rest of the crew.

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