Cyanosis is defined as the bluish discoloration of the skin or mucus membranes due to the tissues near the skin surface having low oxygen saturation.

Within the Epicness universe

Cyanosis is a fairly common ailment within the Epicness universe due to the prevalence of polio. Thought to have been wiped out, the disease made a resurgence after iron lungs entered the mainstream as a viral meme. As the contraction of polio became in vogue, many began to suffer partial asphyxiation due to the paralysis of muscles essential in breathing. Although speaking becomes increasingly difficult during these periods, many will announce their contraction of cyanosis by stating the phrase "I BLUE MYSELF (the color)." Cyanosis is also thought to be a contributing factor to the popularity of the rapper Blueface.

The Cyanosis Stone, an undiscovered artifact essential to the completion of the Infinity Jauntlet, is also closely associated with many instances of cyanosis. Upon contact, it inflicts major cyanosis upon the user and grants them the ability to go an indefinite period of time without breathing (although doing so does cause mild dizziness and lightheadedness similar to the effect of not breathing for slightly too long). Although this stone is lost to the public, it is thought to be a major component of one of the first iron lungs and as such may still be inside one.

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