The Cry of the Cluk is an act of dominance and ferocity that is favored by Le Cluk and used against many denizens of the Epicness Universe. It is most commonly used on Edmund Dobbie.


On one fine afternoon, Edmund was playing a game of Team Fortress 2 with his friend Dimitri Notcluk while calling one another. After leaving to do some "non Cluk-like things," Dimitri left the call. Edmund remained in the chatroom for a long period of time after that. Out of nowhere, a cryptid that is presumed to be Le Cluk joined the call and let out a blood curdling screech. This caused Edmund to fall backwards in his chair and exclaim "JESUS CHRIST" in surprise.


The act consists of stealthily joining a voice chatroom or a call, adjusting the microphone to be very close to your mouth and screeching as loud as possible.

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