Big Cun (also known as Moon Pie Baby or simply Baby) is a presumably American infant. Not much else is known about Big Cun other than his or her concern with the fiber content of Moon Pies (an American snack food).


One fine afternoon, Big Cun decided to direct message the MoonPie Twitter account with the bold message "The moonpie should contain more fiber imo". Big Cun was completely oblivious to the storm that had just began to brew after that message. Shortly after their daring statement, MoonPie posted a screencap of that very message and a close shot of Big Cun's profile picture for emphasis with the obliterating retort "Ok baby." Later, an anonymous Twitter user commented to the MoonPie page that the Moonpie should contain LESS fiber in their opinion in what was an obvious attack on Big Cun's freedom of expression. After an apparent change of heart, the MoonPie Twitter seemingly acted in the interest of protecting Big Cun's dignity by responding "better hope baby doesn't see this," prompting Big Cun to appear and state a simple "what up."
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