Betsy Maloge is the former wife of Doge and mother of Ethan and Lilah Maloge. Many describe her as an average suburban mother. Her ex-husband disagrees with these depictions. Not much else is known about her as she tends to keep a low profile, especially after her divorce.


Her true personality is rather mysterious but if Doge's description is to be trusted then she could be seen as a irredeemable monster who abuses and uses everyone she gets close to. It is highly unlikely that this is true with Doge's hatred of Betsy for divorcing him and taking full custody of the kids offering a good explanation for his distorted vision of her.

Divorce Case

The reasoning behind Betsy's divorce is most likely due to Doge's scummy business practices, large spending sprees, and questionable morals. Doge paints a different picture. He claims that she mentally and physically abused him and the kids. He also claims that she stole money from their joint account for frivolous purchases which explains why the money went missing from the account. It is unknown who was telling the truth but nonetheless, Betsy won the case and gained full custody of the kids along with the remaining assets from Doge's failed crypto-currency business which she quickly liquidated.

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