Bathwater is a delicacy consumed by IvanSonicGamer in his aptly-named Bathwater Review.


Humans have been bathing for hygienic and recreational purposes for most of recorded history. However, a recent innovation was made in this once thought to be perfected technology by the young entrepreneur Belle Delphine. Belle Delphine, a 19 year old Instagram model, had established a loyal fanbase of 15 year olds by posting suggestive photos and cosplays of various anime characters. Constantly looking for new ways to capitalize off of her newfound and rapidly growing fame, Delphine had the brilliant idea of bottling her own bathwater and selling it online for consumers to do with as they saw fit.

As expected, the vials of highly coveted serum disappeared in a few short days. A select few were in possession of the liquid, leaving the rest of the masses in a shortage. The high desire to recreate the concoction led the world's greatest innovators and brightest minds to rise to the top, one of which being IvanSonicGamer.


The effects of consuming bathwater very greatly based on who it originates from, but in the instance of IvanSonicGamer, it seems to produce no alterations to his mental or physical state other than a voice shift from an air bubble trapped in his throat and a feeling of disgust in response to the water's flavor. (However, it is noteworthy that Ivan continues to consume the water with zeal despite his vocal disapproval, and also uses it as a dipping sauce for a pickle spear, which could imply addictive properties.)

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