Барнаул (translated to Barnaul) is the speculated residence of IvanSonicGamer & Dimitri Notcluk. It is a city in Siberian Russia that holds a small village where Ivan currently takes residence. However, the majority of the village was destroyed in a 2016 Cryptid attack, leaving only some small establishments and ruined housing.


Barnaul has a population of 612,401 as of 2010. It is located at the confluence of the Barnaulka and the Ob Rivers. Ivan's village is speculated to be in a rural area near Barnaul as stated on his channel, although in-depth analysis has shown that there is an extremely high level of radioactivity present in the remains and vicinity of Ivan's village, concentrated most highly in the Siberian Gas Station, at levels so high that it's speculated that it was the site of a smaller or comparable nuclear meltdown to Chernobyl. The cryptids, or what has been shown of them on camera, show symptoms of radiation poisoning, so it is speculated that these creatures have been present at, or even caused, the Chernobyl meltdown.

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