Банан Гербер (translated to English as Banana Gerbers) is a type of baby food that IvanSonicGamer consumes in one of his many videos. It is quite unpleasant to consume, and is traditionally consumed in Siberia after one loses a Smash Bros bet.


Banana Gerbers was originally a type of baby food, although it is not to be confused with the popular baby food brand of the same name. It was first invented by a Persian king in approximately Year 200, when he grew bored with having to chew imported fruits and ordered his young servants to mash them up with their bare, dirty feet, who then ate the output. As the delicious output spread throughout Eurasia and into Siberia, the practice of mashing the bananas with one's bare feet was discontinued due to health and safety concerns for the infants (and peckish parents) weaned on the substance. This lead to the tangy flavor being lost, and most of the world stopped eating the food, excluding Ivan's region of Siberia. The food was adopted by local schoolchildren as an entertaining way to punish somebody for losing a bet, and is still eaten as a punishment to this day.

Collection and Consumption

To harvest Banana Gerbers, one must make a voyage to Ivan's favorite Siberian gas station (which is also the source of the classic Taki Pickles) and prove that one is mature enough to handle the bland flavor. The Gerbers are now mashed by machine and are stored in an airtight metal box that is unlocked through a designated 4-digit code. At checkout, the salesperson is required to be under the influence of illegal narcotics, specifically marijuana, as to not inhale the scent of the food. The box must not be unlocked until one returns home, or they will be arrested on the spot for possession of gross food. Typically, they are consumed with a metal spoon, and paired with music by Skrillex to boost the experience. In his video, Ivan is forced to consume the Gerbers while facing towards the Smash Bros defeat screen as a reminder that he lost a bet.


Oddly, Banana Gerbers appear to cause Ivan to speak in an American accent on occasion, although it does not seem to interfere with movement, as Ivan is very coordinated. While he is affected by the Gerbers, Ivan speaks clearly and fairly quietly. Once the effects wear off, he is back to being loud and boisterous. It also seems to inspire aggression, as Ivan becomes angered at his former cameraman, Dimitri Notcluk (although Edmund Dobbie films him eating the Gerbers instead of Dimitri) and tells him to go into time out (a feared punishment in Siberia).

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