Baby Kata is a French infant and international pop star. He is well renowned for his hit pop single, Pee Pee Poo Poo (2015). He is also known for his pure unadulterated aura of SEX.

IvanSonicGamer Sibling Theory

Despite being of a completely different nationality and being far too young to be birthed by Ivan's presumably dead mother, many believe that IvanSonicGamer and Kata are siblings. This speculation is based off of their similar appearances, penchants for poop, and notably high quantities of SEX.

Widowmaker Theory

It is believed that Blizzard Entertainment used Kata's unique brand of French SEX as an inspiration for their popular character, Widowmaker. However, the validity of these claims is untested. The main basis on which these claims are staked is that the two give off a similar aura of SEX and are both of French descent, not to mention they both wear diapers and have nice fingies.

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