The Baby Drago is a younger version of a Drago, a creature originating from the Earthbound universe. They are considered the emblem of the Epicness Wiki and by extension the foundation that strives to document the happenings of the Epicness universe. This is due to Edmund Dobbie's adoration for the creatures.


Baby Dragos have been known of since 2006, in which their species was documented in the game Mother 3, a tale about a young boy named Lucas setting out on an adventure to find his missing brother and seek justice for his departed mother. This game became critically acclaimed and earned a representation in the Super Smash Brothers series, which introduced a playable fighter of Lucas onwards from Brawl. In the iteration Super Smash Bros for 3DS (as well as a few other titles), Lucas was given an alternate costume featuring a Baby Drago on a purple shirt that Edmund Dobbie immediately grew to love. He dubbed the Drago on this skin the Lucas Dewp Face and grew a strong attachment to the purple and green color scheme of the skin that has been incorporated in everything from Edmund's artworks to this wiki's color design.

It is also rumored that Baby Dragos have been weaponized by A Fat Man in order to wreak havoc.

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