Art Club 3:30, or simply Art Club, is an event taking place on Tuesdays and Thursday in which various art- related activities and projects take place among a group. It's popular for having been visited by Freddy Gosmier, Pasquel FeelinSour and Edmund Dobbie.


Art Club 3:30 is an after-school activity that begins after 3:00 (formerly beginning around 3:30, hence the name) and lasts until 4 or 5 o'clock on average. During this time, students spend time in the Visual Arts room and work collaboratively in various mediums, including sculpture and mural painting. Additionally, students sometimes work together on various art and team-building exercises. Due to the club's relatively low turnout, Freddy Gosmier, Pasquel FeelinSour and Edmund Dobbie have been recruited to make memes promoting Art Club, hence the term "Join Art Club 3:30" being used as a simplistic phrase to encourage attendance of Art Club sessions.

IvanSonicGamer Involvement

IvanSonicGamer himself has made a promotion video for Art Club, in which he advertises the club's activities and paints a beautiful portrait of a very disturbed bear with a marker, a paint pallet and a canvas. This alone is the primary factor in why the majority of Art Club participants joined the club.

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