The 3DS Vape is an item crafted by IvanSonicGamer in his 3DS Unboxing and Vape Mod video. While functioning as a vape, it is later unboxed to reveal that it does not contain either a 3DS or chicken soup stock (as Ivan claims), but rather Hot Fries.


The 3DS Vape consists of an empty 3DS box filled with Hot Fries with a skeleton novelty straw inserted into the top of the box. The straw is shown to be removable, even though Ivan uses it to vape when it is inserted, and is even dropped on the ground a few times. Although the box opens throughout the video, Ivan insists that the contents are a surprise and must not be shown. Ivan claims that the box contains chicken soup stock, and attempts to vape it several times, but cannot due to his cameraman repeatedly falling and attacking him. Later, he unboxes the hot fries and dumps them onto the ground in disappointment.

Usage throughout the video

Ivan begins by displaying his vape and attempting to vape out of it, claiming it contains soup stock. However, when the cameraman attempts to look inside, he pushes the cameraman away and causes him to drop the camera. He then attempts a vape trick but is attacked by the cameraman, who then falls over and claims he has broken his spine. Ivan then claims that the vape contains chicken soup stock and vapes, coughing loudly afterwards. He then claims that the vape is "his stuff" and removes the straw, beckoning for the cameraman to film him. The cameraman then picks up the straw and starts waving it in the camera, which makes Ivan push it away with the 3DS box. He then unboxes the hot fries, but the camera is dropped twice before he can show them to the camera. The cameraman then points the camera inside the box, revealing that it contains Hot Fries. Ivan claims these were mailed to him from an Audible promotion, telling his users to go to the link for a discount from Audible. He then dumps the contents of the box onto the sidewalk to "see what is inside," which disappoints him to the point where he stomps on the spilled fries with the cameraman.

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